We've got you covered.

Emerge confidently into the new normal with a washable mask that is both comfortable and stylish. 

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Currently available designs...

These masks are not N95 or PPE rated for medical professionals.
They are meant for normal asymptomatic people to wear publicly
in confined high-traffic areas and where required by law or policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The inside is an extremely soft poly-cotton blend, the outside varies from cotton to polyester depending on the style.  

We are a local small business in the Vancouver Area working with other local small businesses in co-ordination with a family friend's local small business in Thuan An Vietnam.  Vietnam has had extreme success in fighting Covid-19, partly based on their experience with wearing and manufacturing these masks for decades.  As a result, we have access to professional production, high quality product, and continuous supply.

We are constantly bringing in new designs and will update as they come in.  Some designs sell out quickly and some are limited to our retail partners, so selections will change over time.  If there's a design you like, grab it while you can and check back often or follow us on social media.

I want to say that these are "one size fit's all", and they do fit most people, but if you happen to have a rather large head some of these might be a bit tight.  I would suggest getting an "ear saver".  If you have already purchased one and it doesn't fit you, please wash it and give it to someone you love as we can't accept returns for obvious reasons.

MSRP is $14.95 (both online and in local stores) plus applicible taxes.  Online orders also have $5 flat rate shipping.

That's fair.  I don't want to wear pants, but here we are.  The reality is that you won't need to wear it every time you leave the house, just in specific situations where required by law or policy.  They are small and easy to keep in your pocket, and you will get used to it. Billions of people on this planet already have.

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Where can I buy them now?

Mila + Paige

mila + paige

Women's fashion boutique located in the heart of trendy downtown New Westminster.  Order online or over the phone with pick-up, delivery, and private appointment options available.  

Gamedeals Video Games

Gamedeals Video Games

Your source for retro and modern games in the Vancouver area.  Phone/Email orders available with pick-up Friday-Sunday (Noon-7pm).

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Order Direct Online

We set up an online store so you can order some of our designs directly from us with easy shipping via Canada Post.



- To add our masks to your local small business offerings?
- To order a large quantity for your front-line employees?
- Anything you need that isn't ordering a mask?